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    1. 金刚棋牌

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      An award winning film and video production company.

      A website video for CubCrafters
      StarFit workout video for Lionsgate with
      Dolph Lundgren and Kym Johnson.

      21 Years of Visual Storytelling

      We've worked on some of the biggest shows in town as well as helped large and small companies reach their target audience with web video.

      From documentaries for Justin Bieber and Oliver Stone to TV shows like 24, Family Guy and Homeland. Website videos for Bank of Internet and MicroTech and workout videos for Lionsgate with Kym Johnson from Dancing with the Stars.

      We are an award winning corporate video production company which has written and directed online videos for companies, instructional videos, drug education videos, short films, work-out videos and flown over Los Angeles capturing it's beauty and diversity.

      Teasers and sizzle reels, interviews, EPKs and website videos.

      Every project gets the same meticulous attention to detail.

      With our customized, affordable and inspiring HD corporate video production you'll be able to advertise your product or service all over the internet, from social media to your own personal website. Our quality is so high, you can even put your Full Swing Media video on TV.

      We focus on business results, we actually want to help make your business more profitable and increase your status as a leader in your field.

      If your business isn’t taking full advantage of this trend by using corporate video production to showcase products and services on your website, you're losing large amounts of potential customers.

      Call now to discuss your project!

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      Full Swing Media, Inc. is a Los Angeles Area video production company specializing in web video production, corporate video, marketing video, training video, event video, sizzle reels, explainer videos, infographic videos, website videos and online videos in the Los Angeles Area.

      Production and post-production services:
      Online Video • Website Videos • Writing • Directing • Cinematography • Green Screen • Shooting Interviews • Behind the Scenes • Event Coverage • Motion Graphics • Online Editing • Video Editing • Digitizing • DVD Authoring/Menuing • Digital Delivery (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) • Preview Cuts via the Web • Production Company

      We specialize in start to finish productions, scripted, commercial, EPK/Behind the Scenes and music video productions as well as for the corporate world.

      All under one roof.

      Full Swing Media, Inc. is a Los Angeles Area corporate video production company specializing in color grading, explainer videos, infographic videos, web video, video for websites, corporate video, business video, marketing video, training video, event video, sizzle reels, EPKs, website video, internet video, colorist, video editing, web video production in the Los Angeles Area.
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